Acne Scar or Not? #2

Continued from part 1

Polka Dots may be in fashion, but not on your face!

Macules and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation may be improved with a few select skin lightening agents (that our clinic carries), depending on the intensity of the area.  But most importantly, remember that what you are seeing is the result of the inflammation from the blemish. So the key is to get the inflammation down ASAP, when the blemish is new, to prevent spots and blotches from forming in the first place. You will also find that decreasing inflammation will speed healing time!

Ways to Decrease Inflammation:

  • BEST! Apply ICE to the area as often as possible. Rule of thumb, 2 minutes; count to 120 sec. while moving the ice around the face.
  • Apply hydrocortisone cream to the area –very short term (no more than 2-3 days)
  • Take Advil at night for a few days during the initial inflammatory stage.
  • Holistic remedy: mix a little “turmeric” from the spice cabinet with distilled water to form a paste and leave on overnight. Note: there will be some color left from the turmeric after washing, which will go away and can be covered with makeup.
  • Stay out of the sun and wear sun protection since the sun will intensify the area and slow the healing process

Finally, keep in mind that when a pimple is bothering you today, it will go away faster if you leave it alone.  If you pick at it, it may stick around forever as a blotchy reminder. Of course, if you have a particularly troublesome area, see your skin care specialist (better yet, visit our clinic!) for a safe, professional treatment or extraction.  See part 1 

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