Acne Scar or Not? #1

Polka Dots may be in fashion, but not on your face!

Most people mistaken red, dark spots and blotches after a blemish has resolved as a scar.  Even though your acne lesions have healed; they can still leave behind reminders. So what exactly is this blotch and why?

When tissue suffers an injury, the body rushes its “repair team” to the injury site. This specialized team work to fight infection and heal damaged tissue. Once the infection is gone, however, the tissue may be slow restoring itself to its former state, so the inflamed area flattens, leaving behind a reddish spot. Though it may look like a scar, it’s actually called a “macule”; the final stage of an acne lesion. When blemishes have subsided, the red/dark macules may remain causing the area to look worse than it actually is.

Macules (also referred to by professionals as “post inflammatory hyperpigmentation”) may last for up to 6-8 months, and although unsightly they leave no permanent scar! To avoid these unsightly marks, it’s important to treat a new, inflamed blemish early in its course, and for as long as necessary.  The more inflammation you can prevent, the less likely you are to get a lingering red/dark spot. So how can we prevent this inflammation?  See part 2

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