Acne and the Sugar #1

Through his studies and clinical experiences Dr. Perricone, the author of varies publications on skin care, has discovered that it’s cellular inflammation that cause many of the problems associated with aging, as well as many diseases, including acne. He says the key to preventing this kind of inflammation is to eat a diet that has been designed to prevent a rapid rise in blood sugar.
Why is this important? Because a rapid rise in blood sugar causes an insulin response in the body, which then causes an inflammatory response. Remember this simple fact: whatever food we eat is converted to sugar as it is digested. Different foods are converted to sugar at varying rates. If we consume foods that are rapidly converted to sugar, that is considered pro-inflammatory.

Pro-inflammatory foods cause all kinds of problems in the body resulting from a rapid rise in blood sugar, which in turn sparks a burst of inflammation on a cellular level. As our insulin rises, this triggers more inflammation throughout the body, such as acne breakouts.   See part 2

(Above are comments by Dr. Perricone )

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