Antioxidant For Skin Aging

A new study finds Pycnogenol® is effective in improving visible signs of skin aging in women, aged 55–68 years.

Pycnogenol is an herbal supplement that was first patented in 1970 Pycnogenol  is derived from the bark of the French maritime pine tree. It is used to fight free radicals within the human body, which improves skin appearance and dexterity, reduces the toxic effects of stress on the body  and combats the numerous effects of aging on the body both internally and  externally. Pycnogenol is also used for antioxidant properties comparable to Vitamin C.

The study, published in a recent issue of Skin Pharmacology and Physiology, found that after 12 weeks of supplementing with Pycnogenol®, women experienced improved skin hydration and elasticity. Results showed that Pycnogenol® significantly elevated collagen by an average of 29 percent and 41 percent for respective collagen type 1 proteins and increased hyaluronic acid production in skin by 44 percent. Skin elasticity also increased by 25 percent. Women taking Pycnogenol® also experienced decreased skin fatigue, reduced skin wrinkles and increased skin smoothness.

This study confirms previous findings that Pycnogenol® effectively improves skin conditions, including promoting glowing skin and reducing the appearance of over-pigmentation and skin inflammation.  Pycnogenol is found at most health food stores and many places online.

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