The Eczema App

EczemaKidNeed help with eczema?  Now there is an App for that!

A large majority of moms of children who suffer from the skin condition eczema didn’t feel knowledgeable about the condition and were unsatisfied with conversations with doctors (and adult sufferers too)  Now, to help bridge the information gap and improve patient-physician dialogue about the condition, the Dermatology Unit of Bayer Health Care has newly launched The Eczema App, which can be downloaded for free at, the App Store and Google Play.

The Eczema App enables patients to record and track their flare-ups over time, store photos of affected areas, and keep notes on their flare-ups and treatment. Patients and parents can then use this information to have more informed discussions with their doctor or their children’s doctor. Additionally, the app provides news from the National Eczema Association and access to comprehensive information about the condition.


As more of us go mobile (nearly 80% of us now own  a smartphone or tablet), three out of four moms said an app which provided them with quality health care information, especially in the area of children’s skin health, would be a welcome aid.  The Eczema App is a supportive tool that moms can use in coordination with their child’s doctor to help better manage their child’s condition and make informed decisions.”

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